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Therapy to Help Adults Heal from the Lasting Effects of Childhood Emotional Neglect

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Are you ready to resolve your feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, guilt and shame? Are you ready to start your journey towards healing and allowing your True Self to shine through?  

To be Seen. To be Heard.
To be Understood. 

Cassy Collins, Therapist

Hi, I'm Cassy!

I help adults understand and resolve some of the painful, and often confusing feelings they have experienced as a result of childhood emotional neglect. 


It's not an uncommon thing to have put others needs ahead of your own if you were raised by an emotionally immature parent. You may not even be certain of what your needs truly are. This is something we can explore together. You can learn how to build the secure and meaningful relationships you deserve. Beginning with yourself!

You deserve to be seen, heard, and understood.

My practice is 100% online and I work exclusively with private pay adults in Idaho. I also accept clients from Open Path Collective. You can visit their site to see if you qualify for services at a reduced rate.
To learn some of the treatment modalities I use and more of what I specialize in, check out my Services page.

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 Book your free 15 minute consult!


Phone: 208-732-2998  (Text or Call)

I look forward to connecting with you!

*If this is a mental health emergency go to your local emergency department or dial 911.    

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